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York® Packaged HVAC

Compact and efficient, YORK® Residential Packaged Equipment consolidates all the components of traditional, split HVAC systems into a single unit that sits outside your house. With a variety of air conditioning and electric and gas heating combinations, these models fit a variety of needs.

YORK® residential packaged units come in a variety of electric and gas combinations, with both single- and two-stage models available. And because they’re from YORK®, these packaged units are built to last.

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YORK® delivers world-class HVAC technology for every aspect of your life. From our high-performance home comfort systems that dynamically adjust to match your needs, to our intuitive thermostats and air cleaning indoor air quality products, YORK® has the system that’s best for your home.

But we offer more than great equipment. We also support all of our systems with industry-leading, factory-backed warranties. That means if something needs to be addressed, you’re working with the same people who made your equipment in the first place.

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Accurate controls give you exact comfort settings and efficient operation provides consistent temperatures.


Our ENERGY STAR® rated, 16 SEER models can save energy and lower your utility bills while our advanced fan motors last longer with fewer repairs.


Advanced fan design and vibration-reducing technologies minimize operating sound levels to maintain peace and quiet.


All of our systems come standard with industry-leading warranties because, at YORK®, we believe nothing is more comfortable than peace of mind.