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Service After the Sale

Many HVAC contractors may talk about their customer satisfaction goals, and their commitment to making their customers happy. The difference in Grand Heating & Air Conditioning is that we prove it every day with our service both before and after a sale. We are not a fly by night HVAC contractor who sells you equipment today and is gone tomorrow. Grand Heating & Air Conditioning views a sale as the beginning of a new customer relationship – not the end. We are here to offer heating and air conditioning advice, and preventative maintenance service ongoing, so you stay comfortable year round!

Not only do we take care of our existing customers, but we go in behind other contractors, and fix the mistakes that were made. If an HVAC installation is not done correctly, significant amounts of money can be lost in lack of efficiency and pre-mature system failure, sometimes requiring expensive repairs.

Don’t trust your air conditioning and heating needs to another company. Use Grand Heating & Air Conditioning, a local HVAC contractor you can trust! Call us today at (323) 870-2923.