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Furnace Installation

Start looking forward to winter
with an efficient, YORK® gas furnace.

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Whether you are looking to replace your old furnace, or need a new furnace installed, Grand Heating & Air Conditioning Heating & Air Conditioning offers the best heating equipment available.

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Comfort on Every Level

A good HVAC system can make all the difference in how comfortable your home feels. But considering a new HVAC system can raise a lot of questions for both new and experienced homeowners alike. By understanding what your home needs – and what features are most important to you – finding the right home comfort solution can be easier than ever.

Benefits of Installing a New HVAC System

  • On average, new HVAC systems provide up to 7% greater energy efficiency than the year prior
  • Newer systems typically require fewer repairs
  • Advances in indoor air quality (IAQ) technology mean newer systems make your home even more comfortable

Find the Right Unit

Choosing the best unit for you can be determined by considering key elements, like noise levels, options and warranties. If noise levels are a concern, ask your contractor about systems that produce noise levels under 60 decibels (dB). Likewise, you’ll want to ask about what options are available with the system – and how much it can be expanded if you build an addition. Finally, make sure to learn what warranties are available on the unit. Warranties can make sure a new unit – and your peace of mind – are protected for years to come.

Complete Your System With Add-on Options

If indoor air quality (IAQ) is a factor, make sure to ask about IAQ products, like humidifiers and air cleaners. These system additions can make a noticeable difference in the comfort of your home and the effectiveness of the HVAC system itself. This is also a good opportunity to ask your contractor to investigate the ductwork to make sure a new system doesn’t require any additional changes. Ductwork can experience significant wear and tear, and even if your new system doesn’t require new ductwork, your existing ductwork may require maintenance or cleaning.

And don’t forget about thermostats. A communicating thermostat can actively monitor your system and alert you to possible issues, all while providing remarkable control over your system’s operation. As the part of the HVAC system you’ll interact with the most, the thermostat is an important component of any new system installation.

Replace Your Furnace with HVAC Financing

Replacing your home’s heating system can be costly and you don’t want to make based strictly on cost. You shouldn’t replace just one part of your system, to get the most efficiency and reliability, get a complete matched system. That means replacing the indoor coil and furnace and the outdoor air conditioner or heat pump. Those efficiency ratings you read about are for matched systems. Since breakdowns usually occur at inconvenient times, ask us about HVAC financing options for your new system.